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STUDENTS AND CAMPUS POLITICS. It has become one of the major subjects of discussion whether political activities of students are allowed.

When they do this. After all. In all actuality. Like Santiago. In and by itself. The first clip that we step out to make something about our ends. Where will the money come from? Will I have a occupation when I get back?

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The Alchemist: A Christian Book? Christian similarities notwithstanding. Puting these narrow considerations aside. All faith. In the terminal. Even with this, he did not regret that he went through that far because he knew that what he found along the way was the most precious treasure a man could ever have. Moreover, in The Alchemist, the spiritual unity represented by the Soul of the World binds together all of nature, from human beings to desert sand.

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This idea underlies the parallel we see in the novel between the alchemist purifying metal into gold and the shepherd boy purifying himself into someone capable of achieving his Personal Legend. According to the novel, the Soul of the World has created an ultimate desire, or Personal Legend, for everything, whether a man or a piece of iron.

To accomplish its Personal Legend, each thing must learn to tap into the Soul of the World, which purifies it. That continual purification ultimately leads to perfection. This notion of humans, metals, and all other things sharing the same goal demonstrates that all elements in nature are essentially different forms of a single spirit. Recalling from the book, there also is the mentioning about the Language of the World, and that every heart knows and understands it if we will just learn how to listen to what it has to say, like how the boy learned to communicate to the nature through his heart.

Another relevant thing in this novel is the presence of omens everywhere and at any given time. It was said there that we just have to learn how to read them, and that they are there to guide us towards achieving our destined Personal Legends. I also noticed the involvement of religions Islam and Catholic.

I have always thought that talking about religious beliefs and practices is as complicated as discussing the theories of origin of the universe. But in this case, I am relieved that none of the sectors is being favored nor left behind. Lastly, and probably what really stole a good bit of me is the foreign phrase maktub that was mentioned how many times in the book. I always thought that everything that happens serves a purpose, maktub. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Accessed October 19, This is just a sample.

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Indeed, it seemed that many of the criticisms were of different books. The purpose of this paper was to focus on The Adobe Flash Player is freeware software for viewing multimedia, executing rich Internet applications, and streaming video and audio, content created on the Adobe Flash platform. Flash Player can run from a web browser as a browser plug-in or on supported mobile devices, but there also exist versions running directly on an operating system intended In addition, these books share two sub-themes related to this primary theme.

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How about receiving a customized one? Secondly, whatever the person does it leads to the return to the sources. Every finish is a fresh start, and the life of an individual is developed in a circles where home is the center of it. Millions of people found their inspiration in the Alchemist. Though the plot of the book can hardly be described as realistic, Coelho managed to demonstrate the word both cruel and beautiful which resembles the modern one.

This means that despite the fairy tale characters and magic episodes the story depicts real people with their desires and fears.

The lessons from the Coelho book are clear: the modern human beings have forgotten what whey are living for an they need to find out their own dreams, rely more on the instincts and heart and do not think of their home as it is the source of the individuality and creativity. Santiago finds the courage to follow all the rules and demonstrates how valuable are the lessons in his own life suggesting that the real happiness and satisfaction of life can be be found only after learning this hard, dangerous but extremely important lessons.

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