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STUDENTS AND CAMPUS POLITICS. It has become one of the major subjects of discussion whether political activities of students are allowed.

Learning how to analyze editorial cartoons is a skill that requires practice. Below, we suggest an extended process that can be used over several days, weeks or even a school year. The strength of this process is that it does not force students to come up with right answers, but instead emphasizes visual thinking and close reading skills. Throughout this process, you might choose to alternate student groupings and class formats.

For example, sometimes students will work independently, while other times they will work in pairs or small groups. Similarly, students may focus on one single cartoon, or they may have a folder or even a classroom gallery of multiple cartoons. Students can notice details and make observations without rushing, while the cyclical nature of the questions keeps sending them back to look for more details. As you repeat the process with various cartoons over time, you may want to ask students to do this work independently or in pairs before sharing with the whole class.

Here is our editorial cartoon analysis handout PDF to guide students analyzing any cartoon, along with one with the above Patrick Chappatte cartoon PDF already embedded. Developing an Academic Vocabulary and a Keener Eye. Once students gain confidence noticing details and suggesting different interpretations, always backed up by evidence, it is useful to introduce them to specific elements and techniques cartoonists use. Examples include: visual symbols, metaphors, exaggeration, distortion, stereotypes, labeling, analogy and irony.

In addition to those resources, three other resources that can help students develop a richer understanding of a cartoon are:. Patrick Chappatte, an editorial cartoonist for The International New York Times, offers advice on how to make an editorial cartoon while working on deadline. Whether you are encouraging your students to enter our Student Editorial Cartoon Contest , or are assigning students to make their own cartoons as part of a history, economics, journalism, art or English class, the following guide can help you and your students navigate the process.

Learn from an Editorial Cartoonist. We asked Patrick Chappatte, an editorial cartoonist for The International New York Times, to share with us how he makes an editorial cartoon on deadline, and to offer students advice on how to make a cartoon. Before watching the film above, ask students to take notes on: a what they notice about the process of making a cartoon, and b what advice Mr. Chappatte gives students making their own cartoons. After watching, ask students to share what information they find useful as they prepare to make their own editorial cartoons.

Then, use these steps — a variation on the writing process — to help guide students to make their own cartoons. In particular, some of them may choose to get education while other may prefer the Army as a way of climbing social ladder. The main issue is that none of these options can guarantee success to a person. The author relies on both word and image. The most important element is the textual message included into this cartoon. To a great extent, this sentence can be viewed as a title of the cartoon. This statement shows how difficult it is for a person find ones niche in the contemporary workforce.

This is the most obvious argument that this image contains. The author does not refer to any particular person or specific event, but one can understand that the author describes the life of contemporary Americans.

Death of Editorial Cartooning: Serena Williams Episode a Telltale Example | National Review

Apart from that, it is possible to see a hidden or implied message in this cartoon. To a great extent, it is aimed at showing that the government is too concerned with military strength of the country, but not much attention is being paid to the economic welfare of citizens. As a result, college graduates are often unable to find a job that can best suits their talents and education.

Overall, Jim Borgman has been able to show the sense of insecurity that these people experience. To some degree, this situation can be explained by the policies and strategies of the state. Thus, one can say that Jim Borgman can make several rhetorical statements with the help of this cartoon.

Although the author does not calls for a specific change, he skillfully shows that current situation leaves much to be desired. On the whole, the image drawn by Jim Borgman is excellent example of how visual and verbal messages can convey a deep rhetorical argument that can pose many thought-provoking questions to a person.

However, his own contemporary situation reflected the old myth in terms of the way the powerful rulers of the time were frantically lashing out, trying to preserve their own power by destroying the least possible threat. Silly Putty Claymation.

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Can you determine the position and viewpoint of the artist based on the message and meaning of the cartoon? While good political cartoonists will likely exploit any opportunity to convey a point of topical interest irrespective of their political affiliation, this editorial cartoon depicted in Figure 1 above suggests that the artist is a staunch Republican who views the president and his political party as being highly ineffective to the point of malfeasance.

After all, the country's credit rating has been adversely affected, and this translates into higher interest rates for government borrowing in the future, adding further constraints to the country's economic recovery following the Great Recession of Pulitzer Joseph Pulitzer and His. His dedication and intelligence allowed him to eventually become not simply passable in his English speaking skills, but a lawyer, a U.

Congressman, one of the best journalists of his era and, according to some biographers, of any era , and an incredibly eloquent if somewhat bombastic speaker and letter writer -- not to mention one of the wealthiest men in the world, especially in the field of newspaper publishing Brian; Seitz. In , not even fifteen years since his arrival in the country, Joseph Pulitzer bought his first newspaper company -- the St.

Louis Dispatch. The paper was in disarray, but fate intervened in the form of the Evening Post and its owner, John Alvarez Dillon. The two papers were combined and began issuing a joint newspaper that very same day, with Pulitzer immediately taking over the editorial page, which he was quick to put to use then and after…… [Read More].

From his high school beginnings to his entry into college life, Spider Man remained the superhero most relevant to the world of young people Wright His comic books, in fact, included some of the first mentions of the demonstrations -- the demonstrations at Columbia University. Peter Parker is in the middle of a demonstration at Empire State University, where the administration had decided to convert an empty building into a hotel for visiting alumni instead of a low-rent dormitory for minority students. He had to somehow find a middle ground between his concern for the students and the combat lawlessness as Spider Man.

He refused to join the demonstrations and wanted to listen to the university's side of the issue before taking a personal stand one way or another. The comic ended with…… [Read More]. Advertising Ad Analysis Undifferentiated and. Kunkel, et. This confusion might be another reason for the greater efficacy of movie and product tie-ins with children's advertising.

Astro Boy-Marketing Japanese Anime to. Do you think that Astro Boy will be successful? This is a difficult question to answer simply and unequivocally. On the one hand, it is relatively certain that the character of Astro Boy will be a success in a financial and commercial sense. Part of the reason for this is that the impetus and popularity of global youth culture is behind anime and characters like Astro Boy.

The large companies like Sony have taken cognizance of this global enthusiasm and popularity and they are fully prepared to exploit it and to raise the character to the level of cult status through marketing, advertising and film. However, there is a certain degree of danger in this commercialization.

Analyzing Political Cartoons

It may have the effect of alienating the hardcore fans and fan base. Anime as a global youth culture has been firmly rooted in the unconventional aspects of the medium and in…… [Read More]. American Women's History There Were. Boycotting British goods meant that American women were going to have to make sacrifices, and stop consuming goods that were imported from Britain.

The cartoon of the women of Edenton, NC signing a non-consumption agreement represent American women involving themselves in the political and economic boycott of Britain by the American colonies. The entire cartoon is designed to give the impression that women are not able to take on political issues seriously and deal with them effectively. Instead, the women in the cartoon are engaging in sex, playing, drinking, and are generally distracted from the important issue at hand.

Art What Defines High and. Race and gender might have always been rigidly determined social categories, but class was more mutable when it came to access to cultural emblems like the visual and literary arts Levine. In "Cartoon and Comic Classicism," Smooden argues that scholars are deeply conflicted about the boundaries between high and low art.

Cartoons, and the analysis of cartoons, are a perfect example of how, when, and why the boundaries between highbrow and lowbrow become blurred. Cartoons are artistically discreet modes of visual culture, and they often convey social and political commentary that is far more in depth than canvases hanging on the walls of art museums. Some mass-produced popular art carries with it an element of subversion, buried beneath the surface and only visible as satire by those keen enough to notice it -- whether high or low on the social ladder. Artists like Mark Ryden embody lowbrow, popular art and…… [Read More].

Children TV and American Values. The writer collects and reviews empirical evidence about the way television affects American values in the children of the nation. The writer uses a survey approach and conducts a study of children age 5- to year-old and combines the results in this paper. American values are as American as apple pie.

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  • When one has children one of the things they hope for is that they can raise those children to have strong American values, which might include respect for others, hard work and the ability to accept diversity. Often times the lack of American values is blamed on the things that children watch on television.

    Political Cartoon Analysis

    Experts claim that the television shows that are popular today with children send a message to the children that they do not have to have values to be well liked and successful in life. Research is firmly divided on the…… [Read More]. Popular Culture vs High Culture. Pop Art on Society During the fifties, America experienced tremendous growth in many aspects of society.

    As a result, technological advancements led to sophisticated aspects of American life. Media and advertising became mass media and the invention of the television paved the way to a new generation of communication.

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    This was also an era of exploration among generations. Traditional forms of art began to experience growth and "culture" expanded into many sub-cultures. Some of the trends that surfaced were New York City turning into an "international center for painting and architecture" Davidson , mass circulation of paperback books, network television suddenly becoming the world's most powerful form of mass communication, and rock and roll becoming the language of youth Davidson The explosion of such artistic expression was greeted with optimism, but mostly with pessimism, "warning against moral decadence and spiritual decline" On one had, the "highbrow intellectuals" argued…… [Read More].

    Simpsons the Death of the.

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    That is the viewer must be more attuned to pop culture to enjoy each episode because they're not watching the show for it's story arc or character development within each show like in the earlier years , they're watching it to see what snarky political and social commentary the show will make or what movie the storyline of the episode will parody. This reflects a change in the media cultural milieu. We've become a society that watches former reality TV stars on new reality shows. In other words, it was once enough to comment on a bad movie or a pop-culture meme within an episode, but now animation shows must fully parody these phenomena.

    In a sense it's beyond post-modernism and intertextualization, it's an attempt of defining a show exclusively in terms of pop-culture.