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STUDENTS AND CAMPUS POLITICS. It has become one of the major subjects of discussion whether political activities of students are allowed.

For those of you who got accepted to GW, when did you submit your application? I am dying to go to this school because I am from KC and would love to be able to go to graduate school in my hometown! This is my number one choice! Please, I have to go here!!! To the person who is also looking for roommates at UCF, please email me at mfr12 my. I was placed on the Alternate's list at USA at the end of March and am currently still waiting on a decision.

Has anyone on this list heard anything?? Kind of bummed about it but grateful I've been accepted elsewhere.


Has anyone heard anything else from this school? Their voicemail says end of April to send out notifications, however the national deadline is April 15th. I have emailed both the chair and a person in the office but have not received a response. They are not considerate of those who have already received replies from other schools Has anyone heard from University of Florida? Their website says decisions would be made around March 10th but I haven't heard anything yet.

Out of field, but still surprised. Will be taking my name off the list. Lots of experience working under SLPs.

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To those who applied to EMU, what does your current status say for admissions? Mine just says "submitted" but not "complete" or anything so I want to make sure that my application is being reviewed. Logged onto the application portal and reached a screen stating my admittance. The admit letter is not available for me to click on. Hi everyone - I wanted to let Iowa interested peeps know about the phone interview - I think they wanted to talk to me because I have a BA and MM out of field and am pretty specialized in one small SLP area.

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They asked if was interested in all the other topics I would have to study. So, info gathering, definitely not about funding The talk went well I think?!?

Good luck to everyone following up with an interview! To the SLU poster below, when did you submit your application? Just curious because we have almost identical stats. I haven't heard anything yet. And congrats! Has anyone heard anything from BU about interviews? I'm getting a little concerned since it's coming up so soon From Maureen: "Hi, I just started notifying students.

Without further ado, our top 25 combined BS/MD programs:

Good luck to other applicants! No email. Just checked the portal when others were posting. Hi UCF peps. Im still having trouble finding the FB page can you please post the link. To the previous post: yep Mine is still showing as a "no decision.

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To all of the UCF posters below: I called them and they said they're releasing decisions in waves, and that everything should be done by this friday SO, let the waiting game begin. I haven't heard anything either. I'm expecting that maybe we'll all hear news starting Monday after the break. Got my acceptance today! They said I was on the wait list and someone deferred. Thank you to whoever deferred!!! Will be rejecting this offer. Did my undergraduate here and know they take many out of field applicants because they make more money on people who need to take their foundation courses here too.

Was accepted to 4 other programs ranked much higher than SCSU. The clinic here is an embarrassment compared to other programs, dirty and out-dated. Also wide spread cheating in the program that was never addressed by administration.

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Good luck to any who choose to attend. To the person below. Thank you for that valuable information as I still have heard no word back from them. So did they say when they are actually going to notify everyone of denials, waitlist, or acceptances. I'm not sure if I calculated my score correctly, but I would have thought I would at least hear from them by now. Has anyone heard anything from Rockhurst? Hey, for those going to App State, has anyone made a Facebook page yet?

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Major GPA 3. Oh well. Good luck to everyone! Oh well, good luck to everyone! To the person below, I'm still waiting to hear back from the program as well. It looks like in the past people didn't hear anything until May or June. I hope we hear before then! To the person below I feel your frustration as this is my second year applying to schools, but I applied everywhere this year.

Only 6 waitlist as of now, so hoping to at least get off one. Hang in there and don't give up! I'm trying to not to as well! First year applied to only my hometown schools with a waitlist from one for last fall and one would have been for this spring, but was still unable to get off the waitlist. Decided to go all out and apply to 21 schools. Thank goodness I have.

I'm on 4 waitlist so far and need to still hear back from 9 schools. If you do not get in your first year do not give up and apply every where your second year applying! I'm hoping I get off one of those waitlist or hear some good news soon from the other schools I haven't heard from yet! I thought I was going to at least get a waitlist. They called me last minute for an on the spot interview with the Chair and a separate interview for a graduate assistant position. So, I felt like they were personally going out of their way to interview me as interviews for a spot in the program were optional.

I was given a day to submit them a SEE storytelling video as I took 4 semesters of sign while in undergrad. This was for a potential spot in the program to work with preschool children who are deaf.

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I would have loved doing that. They said they were only taking 25 out of well qualified candidates, so at least I know I was considered amongst the top, but I guess I did not rank quite high enough when compared to other students. I'm glad I had the opportunity to be considered and happy I did not limit myself on applying to schools this year. I've applied to 21 schools this year and so far I'm on 4 waitlist. Hopefully good news to come! To the person below, I have not heard anything yet either or about interviews. Hopefully we hear some good news soon!

However, I just heard word a few days ago and now a confirmation today that I'm actually waitlisted!!! I'm super excited. This is my second year on the waitlist, but I'm hoping I actually get off this time! Please let them know if you do not want to attend. I'm from KC and would love to go here!