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These books take great pieces of work and condense them so that the reader is only getting the most necessary parts. They are great for readers like my mother who like variety, but they do leave out some things. Brooks would not have agreed with reading a condensed book! He would have said that they were engaging in the "heresy of paraphrasing". As a writer, I completely agree with Brooks' theory. I would not want someone to read a work of mine and simply summarize it. Summaries actually deter readers because they feel like they already know enough about the work and they don't have to put forth the effort to read it.

This is why summaries of novels do not appear on the back of the book or on the inside cover - or anywhere on the book, for that matter!

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Instead, writers provide "elevator pitches" and little teasers that draw the reader in. These do not work to paraphrase the work, but to hook a reader. I do understand - as I'm sure Brooks did - that certain paraphrasing is necessary. How else would literary critics write analytic essays? If we were to take Brooks to seriously, then essayists would have to quote entire novels in order to avoid paraphrasing.